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Limoncello - Selecto

Fruit infusion in alcohol of lemons selected, according to the traditional recipe, with the addition of sugar.

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500 ml.

The strong flavors and decided not forget, this is why the limoncello liqueur is one of the most requested on the tables. Its color, a yellow lemon yellow is due to the unique preparation that takes place using the peel of the best lemons, carefully chosen for size and shape. Intense really enjoyed as an aperitif, fine dining and more key ingredient in fresh pastries and ice cream. The riconoscereste millions of spirits in bottles, the taste and aesthetic needs of the limoncello he is the master.

  • Headphone 30% vol
  • CONSIGLI D'USO The taste is fresh and firm, served chilled it is an excellent digestive and sweets and ice cream.
  • INGREDIENTI Infusion of lemon peel, alcohol, sugar
  • BOTTIGLIA Bottle 500 ml
  • CONSERVAZIONE Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.


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