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Rosolio primitive - Selecto

Light and perfumed liquor, made from a sugar solution enriched with Primitivo wine, flavored with cherry juice, herbs and spices.

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500 ml.

Here you can enjoy. Merged into a single liquor here point out two well-known "flavors" of Puglia alcohol, liqueur and primitive, with the addition of cherry juice and spices to create a light liquor, sought, which is served cold, at a temperature between 2 and 3 degrees and accompanied by biscuits. One end of the meal first class. Recommended for gourmets and connoisseurs refined.

  • Headphone 27% vol
  • CONSIGLI D'USO To savor a meal with small pastries, cookies, cakes Apulian almonds.
  • INGREDIENTI Primitive wine, alcohol, sugar, cherry juice, natural flavors
  • BOTTIGLIA Bottle 500 ml
  • CONSERVAZIONE Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and light


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